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Outdoor Plants and Flowers for Southern California Winter Garden Interest 2020-2021

Written by Susan B. While our neighbors in states across the country are experiencing winter in the form of frigid cold temperatures, mounds of snow that make the landscape almost invisible, we’re surrounded by greenery. And since our winters are comparatively mild, we want to take advantage of that to bring winter interest to our […]

Using Indoor Green and Flowering Plants to Enhance Your Holiday and Winter Home Decor

Written by Susan B. Since we devote the lion’s share of our posts to outdoor topics, we decided to change things up a bit. And there is no better time than the holiday season to think about using green and flowering plants to spice up the décor throughout your home. As an added advantage, there […]

All About Poinsettias: What You Need to Know to Grow Them Indoors and Outside

Written by Susan B. When we think of holiday plants and flowers, Poinsettias are probably the first that comes to mind. And these colorful holiday beauties can be grown as houseplants long after the holiday season ends. They can also be grown in the garden in our mild Southern California climate.  Interesting and Fun Poinsettia […]

Potted Living Christmas Trees

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura Today I want to introduce to you a few well known and popular living Christmas trees followed by the care inside the home and planting outside. With their magnificent sight and endless tiers of branches graduated with perfect symmetry, its no wonder that Nordmann Fir, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, […]

Growing Amaryllis in Your Southern California Garden

Written by Susan B. When someone mentions Amaryllis bulbs, you probably think of the bulbs that are part of holiday gift kits that include a bulb, a pot, and the growing medium. And that’s a logical assumption because Amaryllis bulbs have become so much a part of the holiday gift-giving tradition – especially among gardeners […]

Your Southern California Gardening To-Do Checklist for November

Written by Susan B. Starting in November, the return of Southern California rains means that our landscapes will return to their glorious green state and winter-blooming flowers get buds. It’s the time to finish fall planting in anticipation of winter harvests. And it’s also time to clean up the last of our summer gardens. The […]

What You Need To Know About Dividing Perennials in October

Written by Susan B. Perennials are every gardener’s best plant friend. After you plant them, provided you care for them properly, you can count on them to come back every year. Being able to count on having your plants come back year after year isn’t the only benefit you get from growing perennials. Most of […]