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Why and How to Plant Dormant Roses During Cool of Winter

Written by Alicia R. Winter rain and cooler soil temperatures make January a top month for planting dormant roses in Southern California. If you’ve never grown dormant stock, it comes planted in small paper pots filled with potting mix that are place in plastic sleeves. So Cal’s winter conditions encourage root growth so newly planted […]

Holiday Decorating Is Easy with Green Thumb Top Picks

Written by Alicia R. Decorating for the holidays brightens late autumn and early winter’s short hours of daylight. It’s a rare person who doesn’t welcome twinkling strands of lights that scallop rooflines and bejewel shrubbery and the bare branches of trees. Indoors, lights twine around Christmas trees, railings, windows, and wreaths. The heady fragrance of fresh evergreen branches […]

Rose and Garden Cleanup in Preparation for Winter

Written by Sarah R. Although other parts of the country might see more dramatic seasonal changes in the fall, Southern California gardeners will still benefit by performing certain fall gardening clean up chores. This is especially true if you are an avid rose or flower gardener. Many flowering shrubs and perennials greatly benefit from fall […]

Ways to Add Fall Color to Your Garden

Written by Katie S. Even though Southern California’s nearly-constant good weather and sunshine means that the region doesn’t experience the dramatic color changes that come with the change in the seasons. This doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of fall color in your garden though. The following ideas are just a few ways you can […]