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Plant These Shrubs for Winter Interest

Written by Susan B. Our magnificent and mild Southern California climate blurs the lines between seasons. Naturally, it may not occur to us to think about plants that bring our front or backyards to life throughout each season. We believe that a well-balanced landscape design incorporates green and flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that offer […]

Trees That Offer Year-Round Interest

Written by Susan B. Trees are a critical foundation component of every landscape design. And Southern California property owners are fortunate in that our ideal year-round climate allows us to plant trees that offer year-round interest. We have the benefit of being able to choose trees that provide us color, fragrance, attractive foliage, and shade.  […]

The Succulent Handbook – Everything You Need To Know About Succulents To Keep Them Alive

Written by Susan B. Our moderate Southern California climate makes it possible to enjoy garden plants all year long. You may believe that it’s not possible to have a beautiful-looking landscape unless you devote every free minute to maintaining it. And while that may be the case with some plants, it’s not the case with […]