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California Native Plants: What They Are and Why You should Plant Them

Written by Susan B. Before we can talk about California native plants, we need to define the concept. Native plants are indigenous plants. They are plants whose origin is often impossible to trace, but they’ve likely been growing in the region for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Native plants are native because we don’t […]

How to Use Plants to Bring Fall Color to Your Deck, Patio, or Porch

Written by Susan B. Fall is the season for vibrant and earthy colors. It combines the colors of the harvest and the colors of the leaves of falling leaves on deciduous trees. The way Californians experience the season may differ vastly from the way New Englanders experience it at the opposite end of the country. […]

What You Need to Know When Choosing Sod for Your Property

Written by Susan B. As Southern California residents, we value our climate and the outdoor lifestyle it affords us. We spend a lot of time thinking about and planning before we choose plants and flowers for our gardens. And we understand the importance of curb appeal when we’re thinking about landscaping for the front of […]

How to Preserve Food Crops From Your Garden Without Canning

Written by Susan B. One of the summer’s time-honored traditions is canning home-grown fruits and vegetables as a way to preserve them for later use. But when it comes to canning your home-grown food crops, there are no short cuts and safety must always be the top priority. Let’s face it; the thought of canning […]

Organic vs. Non-Organic Soils: Why You Should Choose Organic Soil Mixes and Amendments

Written by Susan B. If you’re growing plants in containers, the most important consideration – other than the size of the pot, is the soil you use. And the quality of the dirt you use has a significant impact on how healthy your plants are, and how successful you are at growing them. What is […]

Late Summer Planting Guide: Vegetables to Grow for a Fall Harvest and When to Plant Them

Written by Susan B. There is no denying the fact that our southern California climate is ideal for gardening – regardless of what you grow. Whether you’re an experienced vegetable gardener, a less experienced gardener, or someone who has never grown vegetables, late summer is the perfect time to think about planting for a late […]

A Guide to Drip Irrigation Systems

Written by Susan B. We devoted a recent post to talking about watering efficiently – without wasting water. We mentioned soaker hoses in that blog, but we didn’t discuss irrigation systems. And that’s what we plan to do now. Irrigation systems make it possible to spread hoses over designated areas of your garden, so the holes at […]

Essential Summer Garden To-Do’s to Guard Against Disease, Insect, and Pest Problems

Written by Susan B. Throughout the summer, we get to enjoy everything our yards and gardens offer us. Regardless of your experience, keeping up with everything you need to do, and should do to keep your flowering plants healthy and blooming prolifically, and making sure that your vegetable plants are producing can be overwhelming. And […]

Common Tomato Plant Problems and How to Deal With Them

Written by Susan B. You don’t have to be an experienced vegetable gardener to try your hand at growing tomatoes. Nothing rivals the taste of a vine-ripened home-grown tomato. We talked about tomato terminology and varieties in a previous post. But we didn’t talk about diseases and other problems that affect tomatoes, or the solution […]