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What are those spots on my Ivy Geraniums?

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura One of the most common and easy to grow plants is Ivy Geraniums. They bloom almost continuously throughout the year and come in a wide variety of colors. Ivy Geraniums are a perfect plant for ground cover and/or hanging basket applications because they trail down the edges of pots […]

Deck it Out – Landscaping for Decks and Patios

Written by David S. In this newsletter, we focus on landscaping for decks and patios with plant selections that add to the aesthetics of the deck or patio. Keep reading our “Deck it Out” newsletter to learn more about choosing the right plants and features for your outdoor living space. Choosing great plants for Your […]

Achieving a Sustainable Landscape around Your Home

Written by David S. Sustainable Landscapes  A sustainable landscape is one that fits within the ongoing resource allotment for care and upkeep. It includes actionable such as water reduction, decreased maintenance, drought tolerances, etc. It also should provide a benefit to the property, such as the reduction in erosion by air and water, visual stimulus, […]