Dahlias with the words bright lights outdoor plants.

Outdoor plants are, of course, one of Green Thumb’s specialties.  Our plant nursery and garden center stores carry a wide span of options from unique, hard-to-find outdoor plants to the popular classics. Our Garden Center experts can help you find the perfect outdoor plants for your home garden or landscaping projects. We have been rated as one of the best places to buy outdoor plants in Southern California for years. We believe this is due to our amazing outdoor plant experts and outstanding selection of florist quality outdoor plants. However, we welcome you to visit one of our store locations and judge for yourself.

New to Green Thumb Nursery? Take a sneak peak below of just some of the kinds of outdoor plants that we offer at our Southern California nurseries.


A close up of a green cactus with spikes.


A row of potted succulents on a wooden bench.


A close up of a green plant with the words evergreens.


Ferns on a green background with the words ferns.

Water Plants

A blue water lily in a pond with green leaves.

Tropical Plants

An image of a tropical leaf.


Annuals zinnias zinnias zinnias zinnias zinni.


A white flower with the words perennials on it.


A small bonsai tree in a pot.


A yellow and red rose with the word roses written on it.


A group of potted plants with the words grasses.

Drought Tolerant Plants

An orange flower with the words drought tolerant plants.

Vines + Trellises

A wooden trellis with pink flowers in it.

Groundcovering Plants

A close up of a group of green plants with text that reads groundcovers.


A monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant.

Herbs + Veggies

Herbs and vegetables are growing in pots in a garden.


An apple on a branch with green leaves.


A close up of a plant with red leaves.


A tree with oranges growing in it.


Two strawberries hanging from a potted plant.

Each of our five Green Thumb Nursery and Garden Center store locations provide exceptional customer service, highly knowledgably gardening experts, landscape design services, a wide assortment of outdoor plants, succulents, pond plants, citrus trees, patio furniture, lawn and garden supplies, gardening equipment, accessories and more. Find out why so many people throughout Southern California turn to Green Thumb Nursery for all of they lawn and gardening needs.

Want to See Our Full Outdoor Plants Selection In-Person? Visit One of Our Five SoCal Retail Locations Today!

Want to See Other Products That We Carry In-Store?

Indoor Plants

A close up of a plant with green leaves.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

An orange upholstered chair with a metal frame.

Planters + Containers

A row of colorful pots on a shelf in a store.