Michele MorseMichele Morse
23:15 06 May 24
Green Thumb is our go to nursery and store for everything you need for gardening. The staff is so friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. I love this place!!
Mojito MMojito M
22:00 20 Oct 23
Oct 2023Service is exceptional. There was a younger kid that helped me out in the plastic pot section. He was really good about carrying through with all my requests, getting prices, etc.In terms of the products available here, I was on a mission this time around to try to find some really thick plastic or resin 10-in to 12-in pots for outdoor use. They do have some good ones that are smaller size like 8", but not quite what I was looking for.When it comes to quality, what I'm looking for in plastic or resin pots is material that is at least 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Otherwise, the plastic tends to crack after time in direct sunlight.The 8-in pots here are perfect if you like that concrete look, but want something lighter in weight. And they do fit the criteria of quality. If you're reading this, and you're looking for something smaller in the 8-in size, these resin pots might be perfect for your application.I did find a couple items that were really fairly priced. One of them was the wooden trellis at $17. This is double the thickness of material, and more heavy duty Staples than anything you'll find at home depot. I believe regular price was around $35 or so. They were on sale, so I picked a couple up. Great for growing vine type plants.The other item I found that was really durable were the 11-in resin saucers at $9-11. These things are at least an eighth of an inch thick, super durable, and designed to last for years in hard, direct sunlight. Price depends on the color, so choose wisely.Unfortunately, the pots that are supposed to go with the saucers didn't have the same thickness of material. Otherwise I totally would have bought the matching pot and saucer as a set.
Rana RedfieldRana Redfield
22:05 09 Sep 23
I absolutely love love love this place. They have so much to choose from. Their prices are fair and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Mikail helped me with my tree purchase earlier this week. He went above and beyond and did so with a great attitude. Tito is also another helpful person there. He assisted me several times in the past and is very knowledgeable. These guys always have an answer to my questions and if they don’t know the answer they still take steps to find out. Can’t say that any other nursery like the one at Home Depot or Lowe’s offers anything close in terms of their staff knowledge.This is a family owned establishment, and I love supporting them and encourage others to do the same. Thank you Green Thumb ♥️
Mary LensingMary Lensing
02:39 06 Sep 23
This is a great nursery!! Always have a great stock and huge variety to choose from. Tons of cool pots and fun things for the yard too. Place is always clean and isle easy to get through. Staff is very polite and can answer any questions. Highly recommend!!
Donna DDonna D
20:49 29 Aug 23
We had the best experience at Green Thumb. My husband and I are new to gardening and also knowing the best plants for our area. Everyone at Green Thumb was sooo helpful. They spent a lot of time asking about our needs and the zone we live in and made great recommendations! Our garden is amazing and first season we are getting a lot of veggies. One of our trees gave us some fruit too! We will be back to buy more items for our expanding garden next year!!! Love this place!!!
Debbie CohenDebbie Cohen
18:45 23 Aug 23
I love going to Green Thumb Nursery, it’s a treat for me!! I especially love going when it’s tomato planting time and they have all the vegetable & herb plants ready to be bought and planted. They have a great selection of plants, pots, outdoor decorations and gardening implements. I recently needed plant stakes, new cutting shears & some mint to plant, and they had it all with a good selection of each. Keep up the helpful, friendly service and I hope that Green Thumb is there many more decades❤️
Frank VillalpandoFrank Villalpando
04:00 22 Aug 23
When I visit the nursery specially green arrow green thumb, I brings back memories of my childhood. My grandfather was a gardener. and the beautiful plants , We purchased was from that nursery, and one along time ago in Sepulveda. The service plant selection And the quality or number one. And they have classes too you can’t beat that! Well done! Frank Villalpando
Dennis BDennis B
22:26 16 May 23
I buy all my flowers and shrubs at Green Thumb. They stand behind all their products. The staff are very knowledgeable and have helped me through a myriad of questions.
Bree LehmannBree Lehmann
00:14 16 May 23
This is a great local nursery with a nice selection of plants. They have a large rose section which is amazing! I've already purchased two roses from them. Their vegetable transplant prices are a little expensive but other than that this place is a good local nursery. :)Update: I bought my vegetable transplants here and they are yielding excellent produce 🙂 I'm very satisfied!
21:06 06 May 23
Green Thumb in Canoga Park has been in the same location all my life. I think it has been in business 60 years or more. Many of the high school students I knew in that area were able to get part time work at GT. I was constantly impressed by how much they knew about plants and landscaping, even the cashiers were well informed. When I became a homeowner and needed fresh landscaping, this was the place I came. I was very satisfied with the help I received with design, plant selection and delivery. I expect to make my next landscape project with GT. Until then, I simply love going in and looking around for a dazzling array of trees, flowers, tomato starts, ground cover, succulents and everything green. Easy to find old faithful annuals, new options and varieties. I feel very relaxed when shopping at GT. I truly know I’ll be happy with my purchases and so will you. Go to GT and learn from people who know gardening! My grandmother and her neighbors were shopping at GT (CP) in the 1960s! What other place has this kind of longevity? Only the best.
Bela BaderBela Bader
22:58 05 May 23
Been shopping at the Canoga Park Green Thumb for like 20 + yrs. Vera is the sweetest and most helpful employee. Always nice to see her! I won't buy my Xmas trees anywhere else. Their trees and plants are always so fresh and healthy, I don't usually buy at any other place. You will be really happy purchasing here.
Lynelle HarriganLynelle Harrigan
23:33 02 May 23
My favorite garden retailer of all time...and I have over 60 years of Green Thumb memories so far! What a blessing for all who love to garden that they are still here to provide the quality products and expertise you just can't get at the chain stores--none of which are true nurseries. They also have a decent hardware department, outdoor furnishings, and seasonal home decor--a "must see" is their sweeping display of Christmas decor and gifts of every kind.
L.A. KellerL.A. Keller
02:33 30 Apr 23
So many wonderful things to see at Green Thumb. I recommend allowing yourself plenty of time to walk about the property to see all they have to offer. Great selections in everything yard and garden-related and friendly/helpful employees. I appreciate shopping at a locally owned nursery that has been open-for-business for many years. Thank you, GreenThumb!
Liliana MembrenoLiliana Membreno
22:15 29 Apr 23
I love Green Thumb! Great quality plants at a decent price, with an abundance of plants to choose from.
Maria Christina TorresMaria Christina Torres
22:08 28 Apr 23
Such a great place with huge & one of a kind selections of plants. Affordable prices & always friendly service. We can stay here for hours. Favorite purchase so far 12 inch king tut now at least 5 feet
eddie morenoeddie moreno
22:45 01 Apr 23
The selection of plants was impressive, and they had everything I was looking for and more. The prices were reasonable, and I appreciated that they had a range of options to fit different budgets.The nursery itself was well-organized and easy to navigate. The plants were healthy and well-cared for, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff.
Askia UnderwoodAskia Underwood
23:08 07 Mar 22
The most amazing plant and flower loving staff in the valley. I bought 4 plants last year and today. Great prices, greenhouse staff is super helpful. They want to help your planta thrive and survive. Pretty array of pots as well. I bought 🪴 from Hone Depot but one had tons of tiny white bugs (my fault for over watering) 🙃 and I didn't know how to care for the plants I purchased at all so that's that. Back to Green Thumb, shop here, they'll tell you everything you need to know and you can bring a plant in for help with transplanting. You'll obviously need to buy your supplies here. Prices are affordable and your home will be instantly brighter with cleaner air over time. Note: Can get pretty busy on the weekends. Go on the weekends if you can.
Nicole MazzilliNicole Mazzilli
03:37 27 Dec 21
This place is a plant parent heaven! They have everything garden you can think of and then some. This store is so huge you could easily spend hours here. They have unique pottery for plants, all outdoor garden decor from little statues to big fountains & pounds, a green house, indoor & outdoor plants, a hardware store section, even Christmas tree decorations
Estefany CortesEstefany Cortes
06:56 11 Sep 20
This is one of my go to nurseries! Everyone here is always super friendly and knowledgeable about the plants. You can tell they appreciate every one of those plants. My favorite spot is the greenhouse and all of the gnomes! I’ve purchased many plants from here and have never had any issues. Even if you don’t like plants, it’s still a great place to come to. They have sooo much! And during Halloween and Christmas, they decorate and it is EVERYTHING!!! Amazing display of decorations. I promise you will not leave without wanting to buy something.
maria maciasmaria macias
16:33 21 Jan 20
Everyone was so helpful!!! I purchased 5 indoor small plants on Jan 9 2020. The nursery is Beautifully kept up! All plants look so nicely kept .

Green Thumb Nursery - Canoga Park


(818) 340-6400


21812 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303

Store Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday - Sunday

8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Green Thumb Nurseriesestablished in 1946, has been a Southern California local’s favorite for ultra-high-quality Gardening SuppliesDécor, and florist quality indoor plants and outdoor plants.  Visit our plant nursery and garden center in the Los Angeles area conveniently located on Sherman Way in Canoga Park, California where you can find the highest quality plants, outdoor décor, patio furniture, and more with the help of our very knowledgably lawn and garden experts who are ready to help you select the perfect plants to landscape your home or garden with.

Green Thumb Nursery located in Canoga Park prides itself on the quality plants and outstanding customer service it provides.

Take a tour of Green Thumb in Canoga Park before visiting!

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Green Thumb Nursery in Canoga Park

Our Green Thumb Nursery Canoga Park store is known for unique and popular plants, friendly garden experts, and beautiful garden decor.  The huge selection of drought-tolerant plants, fruit trees, beautiful vibrant flowers, water plants, perennials, annuals, succulents, and more make Green Thumb Nursery the perfect garden destination in Los Angeles County!

Flowering plants for the home or gifts include AzaleasChrysanthemumsHydrangeasGardeniasOrchidsCyclamenRoses and many more. The Canoga Park Green Thumb location has many drought tolerant landscaping solutions with hundreds of options for waterwise plants and trees.  Our Canoga Park location’s greenhouse is known to carry some of the most exotic houseplants from all over the world at all times.

Our Patio Shop includes furniture sets, umbrellas, replacement cushions, benches, Bar-B-Ques (BBQs) and accessories, rain covers, outdoor decorative flags, gift items, Department 56 collectibles and a vast amount of holiday and seasonal decor including Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day and more!

Thousands of Plant Varieties for Every Gardening Need

At Green Thumb Nursery - Canoga Park, we cater to all gardening preferences with our extensive selection, including:

  • Florist-quality indoor & outdoor plants to brighten your home and yard
  • Drought-tolerant options for water-conscious landscapes
  • A huge selection of fruit trees for your very own orchard
  • Vibrant flowers, water plants, and perennials for year-round color
  • Seasonal plants like Azaleas, Chrysanthemums, Hydrangeas, Gardenias, Orchids, Cyclamen, and Roses for special occasions or thoughtful gifts

Exquisite Houseplants & Greenhouse Gems

Our greenhouse is brimming with a diverse collection of exotic and rare houseplants, perfect for adding a touch of greenery and style to your indoor spaces.

  • A wide variety of stunning, easy-to-care-for houseplants, including trending favorites and hard-to-find species
  • Expertly curated collection of plants sourced from around the world to suit any interior design style and taste
  • Knowledgeable staff to assist you in selecting the perfect houseplant for your home environment and care capabilities
  • Seasonal rotations to ensure a fresh and dynamic selection of plants throughout the year

Breathtaking Blooming Color and Flowers to Brighten Your Garden

Stunning Flower Varieties for Every Garden Style

  • Summary: Our impressive selection of blooming plants and flowers includes annuals, perennials, and flowering shrubs, providing endless options for adding vibrant color and beauty to your garden.
    • Wide range of colors, sizes, and styles
    • Options for sun and shade gardens
    • Drought-tolerant and native plant varieties
    • Attracts pollinators and beneficial insects

Fresh and Flavorful Herbs and Vegetables for Your Garden

Green Thumb Nursery offers a wide variety of herb and vegetable plants that allow you to grow fresh, flavorful produce right in your backyard.
  • Easy-to-grow herbs for culinary and medicinal use
  • Vegetable plants suitable for various garden sizes and conditions
  • Seasonal and year-round options available
  • Organic and non-GMO plants
  • One of the largest herb and vegetable selections in Los Angeles

Expert Gardening Advice from Certified Professionals

Our team of California Certified Nursery Professionals (CCN Pros) are always available to provide expert advice and guidance to help you achieve gardening success.
  • In-depth plant knowledge and care tips
  • Personalized plant recommendations
  • Disease and pest prevention advice
  • Garden design assistance

Massive Pottery Selection for Your Home & Garden

Green Thumb Nursery offers a diverse range of pottery in various colors, styles, and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect pots and planters for your garden design.
  • Ceramic, terra cotta, resin and many more pottery options
  • Pots and containers in all shapes and sizes
  • Unique and artistic designs
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Unrivaled Cactus and Succulent Collection

Our extensive collection of cacti and succulents includes both popular favorites and unique specimens, providing endless options for your drought-tolerant landscape or indoor garden.
  • Rare and hard-to-find varieties
  • Low-maintenance plants for busy gardeners
  • Ideal for water-wise landscaping
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • cactus and succulent nursery in orange county

    Beautiful Pond Plants to Enhance Your Water Garden

    Our diverse selection of pond plants, including water lilies, lotus, and more allows you to create a vibrant and thriving aquatic ecosystem in your garden.
    • Wide variety of aquatic plant species
    • Pond fish, tadpoles and other pond products
    • Enhances water quality and clarity
    • Provides habitat for fish and other aquatic life
    • Adds visual interest and beauty to your pond

    High-Quality Outdoor Furniture and Patio Shop

    Our wide selection of high-quality outdoor furniture and patio sets ensures you'll find the perfect pieces to create a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space.
  • Durable and weather-resistant materials
  • Stylish and functional designs
  • Coordinated sets for easy decorating
  • Umbrellas and accessories to complete your space
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    By subscribing to Green Thumb Nursery's weekly email newsletter and text promotions, you'll receive exclusive access to free coupons and special offers, helping you save on all your gardening needs.

    On top of free weekly coupons, subscribers also enjoy:

    • Free video gardening videos
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    The Perfect Garden Awaits

    Your dream garden is within reach at Green Thumb Nursery - Canoga Park. Let our knowledgeable staff and exceptional selection inspire and guide you in creating a beautiful, thriving outdoor space.  Visit us today and experience the Green Thumb Nursery difference for yourself.

    best garden center near me the perfect garden awaits

    Green Thumb Nursery Careers

    One of our oldest Green Houses, Canoga Park has a beautiful selection of indoor plants for your to choose from!  Click the photo above to see all of the different kinds of plants that we carry in our store.

    Enjoy your weekend with one of our beautiful outdoor patio sets that you will love for decades!  Click the photo above and see all of the different kinds of outdoor patio products that we carry.

    Green Thumb Nursery Canoga Park is proud to have such a beautiful selection of top quality outdoor plants for your liking.  Take a sneak peak of the plants you will find at our store by clicking the photo above.

    Green Thumb Plant Guarantee

    Green Thumb provides the highest quality plants available.  We are so confident in our plants that we offer a 90-day guarantee.  If your plant is failing just bring the plant back to us with your original receipt (required) within 90 Days of your purchase and we will replace it for free.

    Your satisfaction is our main priority at Green Thumb Nursery.

    Due to growing conditions beyond our control we are unable to guarantee houseplants, indoor floral & annual color or specimen plants (trellises, topiaries and shaped shrubs).

    If you have any questions or concerns about your plants please call and ask us! We will do all that we can to help!

    We Promise to Provide:

    • Disease & Insect Free Plants
    • Plants True to Name
    • Proper Care Instructions

    Thanks for visiting the Canoga Park store page.  We hope you will visit one of our local garden center and plant nursery locations and find out why Green Thumb is considered one of the best garden centers in Los Angeles.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please visit our Green Thumb home page located here and we will be able to help you further.

    Get Directions and Visit Green Thumb Nursery Here: