A group of colorful ceramic pots sitting on a brick wall.

Terrariums + Supplies

A sun hanging from a tree in a garden.

Glazed Containers

A group of blue and white ceramic pots on a table.

Clay Containers

A group of terra cotta pots in a yard.

Metal Containers

A row of colorful flower pots on a shelf.

Composite Containers

A group of white ceramic pots stacked on top of each other.

Modern Containers

A group of concrete planters are stacked on top of each other.

Indoor Containers

Four white ceramic planters with a quote on them.

Fiberglass + Plastic Containers

A row of colorful pots on a shelf in a store.

Moss Baskets

A moss hanging basket in a store.

Fairy Gardens + Supplies

A small fairy house is surrounded by rocks and plants.

Stoneware Containers

Many pots are sitting on a table in front of a store.

Redwood Containers

A row of wooden planters in a store.

Specialty Containers

Succulents in a bottle on a grill.

Earthy + Textured Containers

A close up of a green planter.

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Want to See Other Types of Products That We Carry?

View Outdoor Plants

A group of potted plants with the words grasses.

View Indoor Plants

A picture of orchids in a garden.

View Outdoor Patio Furniture

A patio furniture set with a view of the ocean.