A row of colorful ceramic figurines on a shelf.

Mushroom Decor

A group of colorful mushrooms in a wooden box.


A statue of a buddha sitting in a pot.

Solar Art

A model of a house with a roof and chimney.

Decorative Stakes

A flower pot with a sunflower on it.


A large pile of red wooden beams on a construction site.


A greenhouse with a lot of potted plants.


A fountain with water coming out of it.

Garden Gnomes

A group of gnome statues on a brick wall.

Modern Living

A white air plant holder hanging from a tree.


A banner with a sun on it.

Wind Chimes

A wind chime hanging from a metal frame.


A bench is sitting on a sidewalk next to a plant.


A statue of a bird sitting in a fountain.

Beach Decor

A white bowl sitting on top of a counter.

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