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Fruit Tree Maintenance – Thinning and Removing Water Sprouts

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura On my property I have two Burgundy Plum fruit trees. These Burgundy Plums provide me with delicious, sweet, juicy, fruit with a little hint of tartness in July into August. With all the rain and adequate winter chilling this past season, I will be getting a bumper crop this year. […]

Citrus Season, Now’s the Time!

By David S. Meyer Lemon,  Eureka Lemon, Mexican Limes, are each part of the large variety of citrus that Green Thumb Nursery offers. Others include  Bears Lime, Tango Mandarin Dwarf, Tango Mandarin Morro, Blood Orange, and Gold Nugget Tangerine. Any of these make an excellent addition to a garden or as part of a beneficial landscape. Some […]