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How to Grow Birds of Paradise

Written by David S. Birds of Paradise — Strelitzia — are unique and beautiful tropical flowers that thrive in US Hardiness Zones 10-11 and may sometimes thrive in zone 9 if protected in the winter. These lovely additions to your yard come in a few varieties, including Strelitzia nicolai — a white bird of paradise plant.  Size of Bird […]


By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura For centuries the Japanese have cultivated the potted botanical wonder called Bonsai. The literal translation of Bonsai is "tray culture", but the word more broadly refers to bringing a desired part of nature into the home. The popular art of putting a tree in a pot originated over 1,300 […]

Top 10 Best Indoor Hanging Plants

Written by Elizabeth B. What makes the best indoor hanging plant? With so many creative options for “hanging” plants indoors nowadays, the answer to that question really comes down to your effort and experience level as a gardener. Hanging baskets are always a winner, but with a little design inspiration and the right tools, you can suspend […]

How to Water Succulents

Written by Elizabeth B. There’s little not to love about succulents. With hundreds of varieties to satisfy every gardener’s taste and space, you can’t go wrong. Well, unless you don’t know how to water succulents, of course.   These unique plants grow in arid environments with high temperatures and low rainfall. Like cacti, they’ve adapted to […]

How to Care for Air Plants

Written by Elizabeth B. When we say “air plant,” we’re talking about the more than 650 species of evergreen, perennial, flowering plants in the genus Tillandsia. Air plants naturally grow in the dry, warm climates of the American Southwest and from the deserts of northern Mexico to Argentina’s mountains.  Tillandsia plants don’t grow in soil and […]