Stay Cool In A Patio

Stay cool in a SoCal garden center patio.

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP- Green Thumb Nursery- Ventura

Imagine sipping a cool beverage or entertaining underneath the canopy of outdoor lighting while lounging on outdoor furniture in your patio away from the heat. While enjoying the rhythm of a soothing water fountain and the soft twinkling of a wind chime, you sit back and savor the motion of a swinging chair back and forth. In the mean time a delicious meal is made over a barbecue and others are fascinated by humming birds visiting the feeders. Everyone is shaded by umbrellas and cooled down by misters. The patio is surrounded by relaxing, flowing, and cool ornamental grasses or reeds mixed in with humming bird attractant salvias, and the butterfly favorite – milkweed. There is even a stone pathway that leads to a cement bench and a birdbath positioned in such a way that it is an extension of the patio.

A patio is a perfect retreat from the heat where one could entertain, relax, and enjoy oneself. It is a destination place to watch the sunset, the moon, and the stars at night. A patio is a place where one could start the day and enjoy the cool morning. The whirlwind of a fan can be used to circulate the air and misters could be added to cool the surroundings without getting soaking wet. The entrance of a patio has the option to have an arbor with beautiful flowering vines growing over it. In the patio, you could take a nap on a couch with soft and cushy cushions. If food is your thing, a great barbecue can be used to cook up delicious burgers or hot dogs. To add life to this special area, decorative pots or planters filled with blooming plants sure makes it inviting and more relaxing. Shade cloth is also often used to make the area more enjoyable by cooling the area from the hot sun. A natural way to add shade to your patio is have shade trees do the work for you. Be sure to also wear UV protectant hats.

Let your favorite Green Thumb Nursery help you be cool in the heat. Check out our assortment of fans, misters, and garden decor. Green Thumb has all you need for a beautiful patio setting, together with a wide selection of decorative planters, pots, birdbaths and fountains to help you cope with summer. The nursery has an incredible assortment of lush and cool feeling plants to get the job done. Please call ahead, availability differs per location.


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