Kettle Chips

Kettle chips in a bowl on a table.


  • 1 lb (455 g) russet potatoes unpeeled, scrubbed clean
  • Sea salt for sprinkling
  • Vegetable oil for frying

Recommended Equipment:

  • Mandolin
  • Large bowl
  • Large Dutch oven
  • Frying thermometer
  • Frying spider or slotted spoon


  1. Slice potatoes as thin as possible, I use the thinnest setting on my mandolin, and after slicing, place in a large bowl of ice water. Let potatoes sit for 30 minutes. Once potatoes have been soaking about 15 minutes, begin to heat your oil
  2. Pour enough oil into your pot to fill it 3” deep. Fit a thermometer to the side so that the tip of the thermometer is suspended in the middle of the oil. Place pot on stovetop over medium-low heat and bring oil to 375F.
  3. Drain potatoes well and pat dry thoroughly with paper towels (residual water will bubble in the hot oil and can be hazardous, so the more you remove the better).
  4. (Optional, but recommended for easy cleanup): Prepare a fry station beside your oil by lining a baking sheet with wax paper or paper towels and topping with a cooling rack. Keep this by your oil and transfer hot chips here.
  5. Working in batches, carefully lower a portion of the potatoes into the oil using spider or slotted spoon (take care to not add too many! If you do or if potatoes are very wet, the oil may bubble and overflow pot which is extremely dangerous, never touch hot oil).
  6. Cook the potatoes, stirring periodically to help separate them, and cook until chips are stiffened. The oil will typically stop bubbling once the potatoes are cooked through. Exactly how long this takes will vary, but is typically 4-5 minutes for me.
  7. Use spider to remove potato chips, drain grease back into the pot, and deposit chips evenly onto prepared frying station.
  8. Sprinkle with sea salt.
  9. Allow oil to return to 375F before cooking the next batch of chips.


4 servings

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