How To Properly Care For Tomato Plants With Cal Wright, Green Thumb Nursery Garden Expert

Spring is just around the corner and March is the perfect time to work in the garden.  The experts here in Green Thumb Canoga Park say tomatoes are the perfect plant with easy maintenance and a tasty payoff.   Cal Wright shows his tips on how to plant a celebrity tomato.  We’re planting our tomato in a small pot filled three-quarters of the way with soil.  Plant it in real tight, says Cal.  Tomatoes can also be planted in a garden as long as they get plenty of sun and room to grow.  Planting them in the ground would actually be better as you get more tomatoes.  People plant them in a pot when they don’t have room to plant them in the ground.  Watering is tricky, too much and you won’t get any tomatoes.  Be sure to water the tomatoes with a hose and give it a deep slow soak until the water starts to spill out of the bottom of the pot.  Do this no more than twice a week for proper care.  In about two months you’ll start to see tomatoes start to grow and with proper care and maintenance, that will last the entire year.  There’s a lot of things you can do with tomatoes, you can jar your tomatoes, you can eat them with salt and pepper or you could make a tomato sandwich with butter.  There are so many different ways you can use your freshly homegrown tomatoes!  Be sure to stop by Green Thumb Nursery and pick up some tomato starters and get started on your own!