Great Plants for Mother’s Day

Great plants for mothers available at a nearby plant nursery or garden center in Southern California.

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and nothing says, “You’re the best” quite like a living, breathing reminder of all the life and love mothers pour into our hearts. Plant gifts serve as a symbol of growing love, appreciation, and gratitude for the number one lady in all of our lives. Whether you provide her with a gorgeous flowering plant or a unique edible selection, she is sure to express joy and happiness with the treasure you have given her. Many Mothers and Grandmothers have fond memories of being out in the garden with plants. My mom for example, loves watching the birds, squirrels, and rabbits feasting on the seeds in the bird garden. With several bird attractants which include Hummingbird and Oriole feeders and many flowering plants like yellow daisies, pink salvia, and a rambling rose that provide joy, peace, and relaxation to her day. When mom was younger she enjoyed  picking fresh vegetables, fruit, and planting  beautiful flowers. Now she enjoys the splendid warm sunshine casting through the kitchen window as she peers out looking at the glorious bird garden.

Many moms and grandmothers have a special affinity and connection with plants whether it be colorful flowers or fruit bearing  crops. My grandma always loves to see beautiful flowers especially ones with lilac or lavender color because that is her favorite color. Her favorite plants are Dahlias, Asters, Lavenders, and fragrant Roses. Beautiful Orchids, Roses, eye popping Begonias, and sensational seasonal color are always big hits for Mothers Day at the Nursery. Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruit Trees are always popular almost any day of the year, but planting a fruit tree or in fact any plant for your mother or grandmother to honor her on this special day only dedicated to her shows you care and is thoughtful. Many plants have the ability to live for many years to come and will become a living memorial and keepsake to the one you dearly love.

For those who love succulents, a perfect gift idea is to combine several small succulents together and make a dish garden or having succulents that droop down to create a lovely hanging basket. Beautiful tropical houseplants, many of which have exotic blooms or awesome colored foliage are a favorite for most moms. Mother’s Day plants are long-lasting expressions of joy, such plants include floral beauties like Mini Roses, Hydrangeas, Orchids, Kalanchoe, Bonsai, Zonal Geraniums, and Succulent Gardens.

Plant gifts serve as a symbol of growing love and desire for the number one lady in all of our lives. Most plants can be grown in beautiful, decorative, and artistic pots made out of wood, clay or ceramic. Soothing fountains, unique benches, and statuary will add lasting memories for your mom or grandmother especially when they are paired with delicate looking plants. Don’t forget  about our giftware items that will sure fascinate the special lady in you life and accessorize the garden as well.

From tropical foliage in our greenhouse to traditional blooms that capture all you want to say with a lovely indoor or outdoor plant for mom and grandma that commemorates as a reminder of how much you care. Show her how amazing she is with a Mother’s Day plant to brighten her day. After all, she’s always been there to put some extra sunshine in your life , so go ahead and return the favor.

Your favorite Green Thumb Nursery is your one stop shop for Mothers Day merchandise. Show your Mother your love and how special she is by bringing her to Green Thumb Nursery on Mother’s Day so she could choose the special plant(s) she likes. Happy Mothers Day from all of us at Green Thumb Nursery.

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