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Reducing Heat Stress On Landscape Plants

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura Any time when the temperature rises to unbearable levels and the humidity is very low for an extended period of time, it plays havoc on our beloved gardens. During these episodes, plants become stressed, agitated, and look poor or unhealthy. Plant responses to heat include but not limited to […]

Tiny, Slow-Growing Cactus Plants Add Drama to Fairy Gardens

Written by Alicia R. Magic is what many gardeners feel when taking a break from routine by visiting a garden center to enjoy the plant kingdom. Part of the enchantment involves taking a chance on plants you’ve never grown before. This may include many of the cacti and succulents available at Green Thumb Nurseries. The broad […]

Tasty Summer and Winter Squash Plants Thrive in Heat

Written by Alicia R If vegetables could speak, members of the humble squash family might advise other edibles that summer is no time to put down roots if you can’t take the heat in the garden. Planting vegetables during the summer requires choosing types that grow well when temperatures rise and tolerate the limited moisture of […]

Controlling Rabbits

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura They have fluffy fur, short tails, long ears, and whiskers. These small mammals are known as rabbits and are mostly herbivores; eating leafy greens, seeds, grasses, flower buds, and fruits.They have  adapted to living in suburban areas and surrounding sites where plenty of food is available at their disposal. […]

How a Professional Landscape Designer Actually Saves You Money

landscape designer

Written by Myca A. Have you ever looked around at your yard in dismay, wondering if you could ever make it look like your neighbor’s house or one of those homes in a magazine? Few people have the money to have full-time gardeners and landscape architects available at all times. If you have a limited budget […]

Aphid Proof Your Plants With These Prevention Methods

  Written by Melissa F. What Are Aphids? Aphids, otherwise commonly referred to as plant lice, are an invasive nuisance that can attack and destroy many of your plants. So why are these minute creatures so devastating? They reproduce at an alarming rate. By the time you notice aphids on your plants, you may already […]