Water Features for Indoor or Outdoor Southern California Lifestyles

Water features for indoor or outdoor Southern California lifestyles offered at a garden center near me.

Written by David S.

Indoor and Outdoor Summer Projects for Southern California Homes and Yards – These range from extensive to plug-and-play. 

The theme for this month’s newsletter is all about adding water features to your home or yard. The good news is that technology makes it very easy to have a beautiful water feature, even in small spaces. We have arranged this newsletter by each major brand and the designs that each brand offers. Remember that we stock expert advise for all landscaping projects via the helpful staff at all of our stores. Phone ahead, visit us online or just stop by – we are happy to help you find the type of water feature that fits your project. 

Benefits of Water Features 

Water features are perfect for creating white noise, which creates a soothing and relaxing environment. Aesthetically a water feature can “complete” the visual design of an area, such as a three tier fountain in a courtyard or a small desk fountain for a quiet spot. In terms of white noise the level varies from a quiet murmur to the sound created by a raging river. The key is proportion and our trained, expert staff can help you find the perfect sized fountain for your project. 

Indoors, a water feature or fountain makes a wonderful source of humidity. Humidity can help increase the ambient room environment. For that reason, small indoor fountains make wonderful additions to bedrooms. The quite murmur of the fountain is soothing and relaxing and the added humidity makes sleeping more comfortable. 

Classic Design for Large and Grande – Water features with Big Impact 

In terms of brands, Fiores Stone is one of the best. They offer a wide array of water features, including grande pieces for courtyards. We carry many options from Fiore Stone including:

  • Concrete – Statuary, bowls, and Pots, etc.3-tier water features for old-world elegance and grandeur. 
  • Classic Large Fountains that provide white noise, pleasing aesthetics, and opulence.
  • Table-top fountains – Perfect for small spaces, indoor and outdoor. 
  • Wall Hanging Options – beautiful indoors, entryways, outdoors, and in special places, including bathrooms. 

The Fiore Stone line of water features brings traditional and classic designs to modern living, and most are very easy to install. Some may require additional plumbing, while others are plug and play. 

The Natural Look in Geometric Designs 

Alpine Rockwall is another brand we love. They provide natural-looking waterfall fountains with a crisp geometric quality that blends aesthetics with life-like fiberglass designs that not only look real, they are also light-weight, so they can be mounted on many surfaces. 

Alpine Tabletop features are smaller, desk-sized fountains also of fiberglass that offer the beautiful, relaxing benefits of falling water without all the fuss of larger fountains. Their light-weight design makes it possible to install these in many places from small tables to desks. In short, these products make it easier to improve the aesthetics of a room or outdoor space without hiring a plumber. 

Artful and Modern big Fountains with Beautiful Sentiments 

Henri is an artful brand offering modern fountains that tend to be larger in size, gorgeous, and modern. This brand mixes old-world ideas with modern design and includes classic basins and fountains that include animal – Alligator, Cats, and Dogs – designs. These are wonderful for the unconventional yard as well as the classically designed and landscaped home.

Hit the Mark with Ecological and Environmental Water features 

Bird Bath Fountains – We carry an array of styles that help attract birds to your yard. Birdbaths and fountains make a lovely addition to a landscaped yard. Most are easy to install with minimal assembly, and they offer birds, butterflies, and bees a place to find water during a time of year when water is a scarcity. Not only are these excellent additions to your yard, but they also provide an ecological and environmental benefit for wildlife around your home. 

Note: Each of our stores carries different fountains and brands of fountains. Each inventory is, but it all fits into these categories and brands. We do offer brands that are not mentioned in this newsletter, and we are happy to order specific fountains to fit your project. Fountains are popular all year round and as such, the inventory in each of our location changes often. We advise to call ahead if you want a specific fountain otherwise, please stop by and shop the wide selection of fountains and birdbaths available. In-person browsing also gives you access to our team of experts, and we are happy to provide you with ideas or answer questions about your project. 

In addition to fountains and birdbaths, we carry a vast selection of irrigation products that can help with many fountain projects. 

One benefit of a fountain or water feature is the water-saving features that many have built into them. These include pondless reservoirs with auto-fill technology, and many offer a solar component too. While water usage during the summer is on everyone’s mind, it need not be a big deal if you choose the right kind of feature for your project. If you want to learn more about water reduction, just stop by and chat up one of our team members. We are here to help you succeed in your landscaping endeavors. 

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