Plant An Inspirational Edible Garden

Find an inspiring SoCal garden center near me to create an edible garden.

By Richard Flowers, ACCNP-Green Thumb Nursery-Ventura

Three weeks ago I planted Tomatoes and Squash. I decided to repurpose an old wooden wheel barrow and turn it into a lovely vegetable garden. Today I checked on my plantings and they have almost tripled in size. How inspiring it is to see your hard work teaming with success. I will know soon enough that a bountiful crop will be on the horizon which will further inspire me. Then when I consume my efforts of home grown goodness, I know I am successful, I have accomplished something, and yes inspired to plant some other edible products. 

Why am I inspired to plant edibles? It is because a movement is occurring where others are wanting to have a healthier lifestyle and plant home grown food and be self-sufficient, planting an urban farm, vegetable patch, mini fruit tree orchard, victory garden or an edible landscape. On a daily basis at the nursery I help countless people with their plant and gardening needs. People young and old and all walks of life, many new home gardeners who never planted edibles before ask for assistance. Some of these people have no ground to plant in, so they plant in containers, while others have all the space in the world and can plant to their hearts content. Knowing that others are planting gardens further motivates me to get down and dirty in the garden. If others can do it then I know I can also. We inspire each other to grow an edible garden. Seeing young children and new gardeners starting out motivates me to continue to have a thriving garden, it’s a beautiful thing.

The rewards and motivation you get when planting an edible garden are many. When times are challenging you know you want something that will bring you better health, joy, and accomplishment. With me and I am sure with most people, I am inspired to have a home grown edible garden because I know where the plants are grown, (right in my own yard). I know what went into growing my crops, (soil, fertilizer, water, and no chemicals). I draw inspiration in that I don’t need to worry about how long has the produce been in the stores sitting on the shelf or in the truck transporting it or is it in a warehouse sitting there? I know my harvest will be fresh, clean, safe, and sanitary. I find it inspirational in that I don’t need to worry about pathogens that could make me sick. Most of the time, planting your own edible garden is more economical. Green Thumb has so many different varieties of edible  fruits, herbs and vegetables, many of which you will not find at a local supermarket. You plant an edible garden knowing that if the problem should arise where supermarkets have a shortage or are closed you still have your own urban farm to fall back on.The popularity and highly demanded plant material is a challenge to keep in stock and I would suggest to get them while you can while supplies last. I think it is wonderful that so many now are taking an interest in growing an edible garden .

As all of you know, growing your own edible garden is inspirational because it allows you to get in touch with nature, fresh air, and do something good for yourself, family, and friends. It inspires you to feel better, exercise, relieve stress, and gets your mind off the negative things occurring. Planting a garden makes people feel happy, boosts your immune system and improves both physical and mental health. Gardening heals the soul. Having an edible garden is a morale booster. During times when things are uncertain many people are taking up hobbies that they have never done before such as connecting with the earth and learning how to grow something useful that will benefit them in many ways. These people will soon realize how rewarding it is and be inspired to continue this endeavor for the rest of their lives because it is contagious.

When you are staying at home, many of us want something productive to do so why not garden. When schools are closed and work is canceled, it’s just another reason to be motivated to create an edible garden. With an edible garden you can grow your own productive food year-round with the right combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Be inspired that you can grow healthy and hearty edible crops on your own piece of land. Your favorite Green Thumb offers a wide variety of plants from tiny seedlings to fruits in large size containers and even packages of seeds. Many of the edibles we have are fast growing.

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