Our Flowering Trees are in and Looking Beautiful

Located in Southern California, our SoCal garden center offers beautiful flowering trees for sale.

Written by David S.

Our flowering trees are looking beautiful, and now is the time to get your flowering peaches, flowering cherries, and those beautiful crabapples and more. Green Thumb Nurseries offer a range of flowering trees from fruit-bearing to ornamentals. Talk to our experts about planting landscaping that provides year-round color or small-plot orchards that offer a variety of blossoms. You can also opt for an orchard that produces fruit from spring through late fall.
Every spring we are reminded of the beauty offered by flowering trees and shrubs but keep in mind that many offer amazing fall colors too. With a little planning, you can create year-round color and grow fresh fruit for your family to enjoy.

The Joy of Flowering Trees

Flowering trees offer a spring burst of color and texture that rival many flowering plants because of their large canopies of blooms that range from pure white to creamy ivory colors and from pinks and oranges into deep reds and maroons.
Top choices for amazing color include:
  • Flowering peaches
  • Crabapples
  • Cherry trees.
These are all ancient relatives of the roses, and their blooms are small clusters of soft petals in gorgeous hews.

On a more significant level, the color palette offered by flowering trees is so broad that homeowners can pretty much “paint” their spring landscape in broad brushstrokes of flowers. One of the more beautiful aspects of these blossoms is the delicate way in which color blends from the outer petals to inner petals in variegations from white to rose pink or soft creams to bright oranges. The flowering tree color options for landscapes are impressive.
If you are looking for ways to improve the early spring colors of your yard now is a great time to plant flowering trees. You can shop with Green Thumb Nurseries online, in person, or by phone. If you need a particular color, give us a call, and we might be able to order trees for you or point you to our in-stock selection. Just keep in mind that the best time to plant flowering trees is before they bloom.

Help with Existing Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Like everything in a beautiful garden or yard, the beauty takes a little more than just selecting the perfect plants and planting them. At Green Thumb Nursery, we offer a range of quality products that help gardeners succeed in planting bountiful gardens and beautiful landscapes. We pair these products with our expert advice and first-hand knowledge of growing plants throughout our community. How can we help you?

Product recommendations for Flowering Trees

Beautiful, healthy trees need quality soil, and you can amend your tree’s soil with fertilizers, organic teas, and other products that are generalized or specific to a single type of plant.

Fertilizer Options for Flowering Trees include:

Lilly Miller — All Purpose Trees and Veggies – Lilly Miller makes a great line of products. This is an all-purpose fertilizer that helps new plants and transplants take hold by reducing stress. There are also time-release nutrients to support plants and flowering trees as they produce better growth, blooms, and foliage.
Down to Earth — Vegetable 4-4-4 Organic Fertilizer — An excellent product for vegetables and it works well on flowering trees too. The 4-4-4 rating means this is good for transplanting as it offers a balanced mix of the NPK ratios in smaller doses that provide new trees with all the nutrients they need to become established and thrive.
E. B. Stone — Tomato and Vegetable — A perfect fertilizer for gardens and a benefit to flowering trees. The E. B. Stone family of products offers a range of soils and soil amendments for generalized plantings and plant-specific products.
Pro-Gro 365 — Offers 365-day nutrition to plants and flowering trees and a host of other benefits such as a boost to soil microorganisms. Pro-Gro 365 helps newly planted trees thrive by creating grow-friendly soil conditions.

Add-on Options for Fertilizers and All-around Helpers

Malibu Compost Teas – A perfect tonic for most plants, Malibu Compost Teas offer water-soluble recourses for plants including minerals, salts, and fertilizers that are plant-ready. This product works alone or in conjunction with other fertilizers to build soil health and promote even growth while supporting healthy blooms.
Pennington — Epsom Salt (fruits and veggies) — Salts are any mineral that dissolves in water, and the list of salts is long. For plants, salts are essential because it means that the nutrient is ready to absorb. Pennington Epsom Salts provide plant-ready nutrients whenever your plants need a quick boost of food, minerals, and micronutrients.

Organic Pest Control

Green Thumb Nurseries approves of pest control solutions that are target-specific, organic, and positive for the environment. That is why we sell beneficial bugs – nematodes/ladybugs. Nematodes do a great job of policing and correcting the natural balance of soil life, and ladybugs offer amazing control on plants against smaller insects such as whiteflies or aphids. You can order beneficial bugs on our website. If you have a pest issue, talk with our experts about organic solutions that work.
Bee Safe Organocide Insect Killer is safe for fruits and veggies. This topical is safe for bees, butterflies, caterpillars, and other helpful creatures while targeting insects and pests that might damage gardens and flowering trees.

Soil options:

Be sure to shop our extensive offering of soils that are perfect for small pots or large containers. Organic soil is an excellent additive to garden beds and as a supplement for planting flowering trees. We recommend:
  • Black gold organic Soil
  • Malibu Compost Soil
  • Foxfarm Soil
You can find quality organic soil at Green Thumb Nurseries in various-sized bags and manufactured as a general supplement or one that is plant-specific. If you need a soil recommendation for your garden project, ask our expert staff or give us a call.

Our plant and product availability change daily for each of our five store locations throughout Southern California, if you are interested in a particular plant featured in our garden newsletter, it is always best to call ahead and check if it is available. Plus, we are happy to answer your questions or help you choose the best products for your garden project.


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