March Garden Calendar

February 27 — March 4

1. Pinch back geraniums this month for fuller growth and more blooms this summer.
2. Consider planting tuberous begonias. Their large, colorful flower will dazzle you throughout the summer.
3. Keep a look out for aphids on your roses and keep them in check.
4. Don’t miss out on the wonderful flowers from summer bulbs. Plant now.

March 5 — March 11

1. If you started vegetable seeds already, be sure to thin them to prevent overcrowding or stunted plants.  Do this when
the plants are 2-3 inches high.
2. Give your lawn a boost this spring by starting a regular feeding program now.
3. Pinching annuals at planting time will give you a bigger and better bloom later.
4. Let the kids in on the fun of a vegetable garden. Quick results are seen from planting radish seeds and this keeps
their interest while the others grow.

March 12 — March 18

1. The color impact of your garden can be increased by planting containers with seasonal annuals as the finishing
2. Celebrate Easter with a flowering plant as a gift to yourself or someone special.
3. When the Easter Lily flower begins to fade, plant it outdoors in a semi-shade area to bring it back to bloom next year.
4. Sow vegetables such as lettuce, radishes, corn and carrots in successive plantings to lengthen your harvest time.

March 19 — March 25

1. Ask your nurseryman for the proper spray control for aphids which will soon be opening their 2013 season on your
roses’ new growth.
2. If you have a notion to move any azaleas or camellias in your garden, now is the time to do it.
3. To get the most from your spring and summer annuals and perennials, prepare the soil well by adding soil
amendments and working the soil to eliminate large clumps.
4. Fibrous begonias, cineraria and impatiens will brighten up the shade garden.

March 26 — April 1

1. Prune wisteria heavily after it finishes blooming this spring.
2. Plant these sun lovers for added garden color in the months to come–Shasta daisies, geraniums, marguerites.
3. Choose day lilies because they come in many colors, different heights, and a variety of blooming seasons which
makes it a versatile plant to use in the landscape.
4. Now’s the time to mulch around plants to cut down on water loss due to evaporation.

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