July 4 – July 10

1. Check brown spots in lawns for sod webworms and grubs.
2. If the foliage is dry and yellowed on spring-blooming bulbs, be sure to cut it off. Divide and replant any crowded
clumps of bulbs for better bloom next year.
3. Plant garden mums now for a blaze of color this fall.
4. Feed tuberous begonias and fuchsias with 0-10-10 fertilizer.
5. Divide and transplant bearded iris.

July 11 – July 17

1. Keep bougainvillea vines on the dry side during their blooming season to ensure the brightest colored bracts.
2. Hydrangeas in tubs on a shaded patio or under a lath will add a large splash of color with their enormous blooms.
3. Feed citrus and avocados monthly during the growing season.
4. Treat Walnut husk fly with applications of Malathion and spreader sticker.
5. Fill containers with colorful blooming annuals and set them throughout the outdoor living areas: on decks, by front
doors, on porches and balconies.

July 18 – July 24

1. Remember to keep the mower blades high, 2-2 1/2 inches tall to give the lawn enough foliage to produce food.
2. Mulch heavily around the base of rose bushes and follow a regular watering program. Roses love deep, thorough
3. Trim off old flowers on summer annuals to prolong blooming.
4. Plant a kitchen plot of herbs. Many of them are perennial and will give you tasty snippets of flavor for winter stews
and soups.
5 Mildew in the garden can be caused by watering too late in the day. Try watering at a cool morning

July 25 – July 31

1. Encourage bushy growth and increased flower production on geraniums and fuchsias by pinching out tip growth
2. For larger blooms from chrysanthemums this fall, disbud them now. Also, stake and tie the plants to prevent drooping
and breaking.
3. Plant early flowering sweet peas for an abundance of flowers during the holidays.
4. Pinch off fuchsia seed pods to extend production.
5. Words of warning: with soaring temperatures do not leave plant material in a hot car for even fifteen minutes. Make
the garden center your last stop on the way home or make arrangements for delivery.