February Garden Calendar

January 30–February 5

1. For exquisite shade color this spring and summer start tuberous begonias indoors in moist peatmoss. Do not bury
the tops. Plant outside once the frost is past.
2. Place three inches of mulch around trees, shrubs and flower beds to keep weeds under control. Keep the mulch
away from the trunks of trees and shrubs as well as the stems of bedding plants.
3. Plant a grapevine on fence or arbor for shade and sweet fruit this summer.
4. Remove old flowers on camellias and azaleas to reduce the chance of petal blight.

February 6–February 12

1. February is your last chance for dormant spraying. Dormant spraying controls insects that hibernate during the
winter and fungal diseases such as peach leaf curl.
2. Plant lilac, forsythia, weigela, and quince for early spring flowers.
3. Azaleas are starting to bloom now. Come to your local garden center for the best selections.
4. Check with your local garden center for a blooming token of your love this Valentine Day.

February 13–February 19

1. Get a jump on aphids this year. Check with your local California Certified Nursery Professional for effective
2. Use polymers with all your indoor and outdoor plants. The tiny granules expand to hold water, becoming a
reservoir for thirsty roots. It makes a huge difference on water consumption.
3. As flower petals fall, spray apple trees with Sevin and a wetting agent. Follow up with additional treatment when
fruits are the same size as a dime, quarter and half-dollar.
4. Plant perennials now for texture and flowers through the spring and summer.

February 20 – February 26

1. Crabgrass and spotted spurge can be prevented with applications of a pre-emergence weed control and fertilizer.
Check with your local California Certified Nursery person for recommendations.
2. It’s a good time to transplant azaleas and camellias. Set out snail bait to protect newly planted seedlings. Renew if
it rains.
4. Before planting your flowerbeds, condition them with the addition of soil amendments and fertilizers.

February 27 – March 4

1. Divide overcrowded perennials this month.
2. Think spring! Plant annual bedding plants such as petunias, marigolds, and lobelia for beautiful flowerbeds.
3. Apply chelated iron to azaleas, citrus and gardenias to keep them green.
4. Choose dahlia bulbs now for a rich array of color and different flower forms in your garden. You can plant them in
late March and April.

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