Clear The Shelters was a Huge Success!


NBC and Telemundo did a terrific job organizing and promoting this year’s Clear The Shelters event.  The event took place across the entire U.S. and over 400 shelters participated.  Out of the 400 shelters, 20 shelters reported to clear out their shelters 100%! 17,812 pets were rescued in a single day thanks to USA’s “Clear The Shelter” event. We want to thank everyone that contributed to the event and everyone who shared our post on Facebook which helped save animals’ lives.


Check out which areas throughout our country contributed the most to the program!

  • LA/OC Area – 800 adoptions
  • Dallas/Fort Worth – 6000+ adoptions
  • Chicago – 1000+ adoptions
  • D.C., Maryland, Virgina – 1000+ adoptions
  • Connecticut – 571 adoptions
  • San Francisco Bay Area – 917 adoptions
  • New York Area – 947 adoptions
  • Miami – 500 adoptions
  • Many more… totaling over 17,000 animals that found their forever homes

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