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Why Guava are 4X Better For You Than Oranges


By Richard Flowers ACCNPro-Green Thumb Nursery Ventura

Guavas are an excellent source of both vitamin A and C. The Vitamin-C content in Guavas is four times higher than the levels found in Oranges . The Guava is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber. Eating Guavas can help you increase brain function. Studies show that Guavas also help reduce cholesterol.

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Are Coffee Grounds Really Good For Your Soil?


coffee grounds for your gardenWe’ve been hearing over and over that coffee grounds should be added to your soil instead of dumped in the trash bin, but what exactly is it contributing to the soil?  Thanks to a laboratory analysis, we have discovered that coffee grounds are acidic and contain large amounts of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper.  The grounds also slowly release nitrogen as they age and decompose!  Enough nitrogen by itself to provide for the microorganisms that help decompose the soil, which is really good news!

The lab also discovered that the grounds had a beneficial physical breakdown as a soil amendment with proper consistency and weight per size.

So, what does this mean for your plants?  Soils are often deficient without potassium, nitrogen, and magnesium, all of which are in the coffee grounds!  The coffee grounds also did not contain harmful chemicals that some gardeners have been wary of, so it looks like it is a safe additive to your soils as well.

The verdict?  It looks like adding coffee grounds to your soil at a 6-8 inch depth at a rate of 25-35% of the soil is a beneficial soil amendment!  So it is confirmed that the coffee grounds should definitely go into the yard instead of the trash as it is a great organic soil amendment.





Watch Rare Corpse Flower Bloom on Live Stream


Why a Corpse Flower?

What is stinky and beautiful?  The rare Corpse Flower!  Not too long ago we actually sold a dwarf variation of the Corpse Flower in our nurseries!  If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one before they sold out, you will see this beautiful occasion take place in person!  Very cool.  We are sure we will hear about the smells from our customers in the future.  Want to experience the beauty of the bloom without all the smelly?

Watch Rare Corpse Flower Bloom on Live Stream !

We hope you enjoy watching this rare corpse flower bloom on Youtube live stream as much as we do! If you want to learn more about the corpse flower, how long it takes to bloom, where its smell comes from and more, please visit one of our garden centers throughout Southern California and we would be more than happy to help!  We also take special order requests for those interested in the dwarf variation of the Corpse Flower, please let us know if you would like for us to see if these are available to order in for you.  Thank you for stopping by and watching the epic rare corpse flower bloom on live stream via Green Thumb Nursery!

How Do I Attract Pollinators To My Garden?

attract pollinators to my garden


Attracting Pollinators

attract-pollinators-to-my-garden-butterfly-pollinatorPollinators are needed for so many things! Without them our food, our beautiful landscapes,and our gardens would be gone!  Contribute to their existence with a beautiful pollinator-friendly garden.  You might’ve asked yourself the question: How do I attract pollinators to my garden?

Pollinators need food!

It’s important to have a variety of plants, colors, and bloom times so that there is nectar and pollen at all times of the year for all of the different kinds of pollinators.  Be sure to include herbs, milkweed and grasses so the early stage pollinators can feed and grow!  Native plants provide the greatest appeal and benefit to our insect and bird pollinators, so plant California natives!  Planting large amount of blooming plants in a large mass reduces the distances that the pollinators must travel to gather their food!

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Christmas Trees, Black Friday Specials, & Small Business Saturday

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Our stores have just received our first shipments of Christmas Trees and the smells are amazing!  We have living and cut Christmas trees in all variations so please come by and check it out!  We’re offering some fantastic Black Friday specials on Living Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights, Artificial Christmas Trees, and our Fall Harvest Decor (see store for details).

This year we will be hosting our very first Small Business Saturday on November, 28 2015 where we will be showing our support for local business shoppers by extending our Black Friday deals another day!  Stop by your local Green Thumb for more information!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you around the store!  It’s an exciting time of year at Green Thumb, stop by your local nursery today for some amazing deals!

Clear The Shelters was a Huge Success!



NBC and Telemundo did a terrific job organizing and promoting this year’s Clear The Shelters event.  The event took place across the entire U.S. and over 400 shelters participated.  Out of the 400 shelters, 20 shelters reported to clear out their shelters 100%! 17,812 pets were rescued in a single day thanks to USA’s “Clear The Shelter” event. read more →

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