Meet The Green Thumb Garden Experts

Green Thumb Nursery is known widely for its professional garden staff. Our team in Lake Forest is stacked with CCN certified gardening professionals, each with decades of garden experience. Take a look at the talent that so many of our Orange County customers count on for professional gardening advice. We love our Green Thumb Garden Experts!

Bud Bergquist, CCN Pro

Karen Sandell, Store Manager, CCN Pro

Santos Ojeda, Nursery Manager, CCN Pro

Kathy Moine, Nursery Sales Manager, CCN Pro

Jason Moine, Customer Service Manager

Dave Wheeler, Landscape Designer, CCN Pro

Jerry Wang, Landscape Designer, CCN Pro

Patti, Garden Expert

Sara Mata, Garden Shop Expert, CCN Pro

Raul, Garden Expert

Patrick, Garden Expert

Lai, Green House Garden Expert

Dennis, Garden Shop Expert

Michael, Garden Expert

Sharon, Patio Expert

Natalia, Garden Expert

Greg, Patio Expert

Henry, Nursery Staff

Maegan, Patio Manager

Garden Shop Experts