bWtZZHere’s a helpful quick tip for killing weeds without the use of harmful chemicals:  Killing weeds naturally has always been a challenge for those that want to be earth-friendly, but most don’t know that there is a really simple solution!  Weeds need to be hydrated with water just like our favorite perennials, annuals and water wise beauties! What dries up water fast? Salt, that’s right folks, salt.  Sprinkle every weed with an abundant amount and let the plant dry up over time, in no time your weeds will be gone and the earth will thank you for avoiding harsh chemicals.

For those that would like a faster acting solution to killing their weeds naturally, put white vinegar in a pressurized spray bottle and go to town on the little guys, within 24 hours the weeds should be gone but be careful not to spray any wanted plants as they will die along with your weeds if sprayed.


For those looking for organic lawn weed killer these methods will not work and will damage the grass along with the weeds. If you need an organic way to kill weeds in grass we recommend coming in to our store and picking up Whitney Farms Organic Lawn Weed Killer which works great for killing common weeds without harming the grass.

That’s it, I hope you liked our quick tip to help you kill weeds naturally.