It is your last chance to voice your support of Green Thumb Nursery Lake Forest and your support of Option 4 on the I5/El Toro Interchange proposal to the following email addresses to help save Green Thumb Nursery:


for Caltrans

OC Chairwoman, District Supervisor and sits on OCTA

For OCTA Board of Directors



Sample Email to Voice Support of Option 4 (Personalized Emails Are Best):


I strongly support The Double Loop – Option 4 and oppose The Flyover – Option 2 for the I-5/El Toro Interchange Proposal. Option 4 preserves the established and tax-generating businesses on Bridger Road and will have little to no impact on the businesses located there. It creates a “Double Loop” on and off-ramp opposite the Five Lagunas Mall, formerly Laguna Hills Mall, which is primarily an empty space; proposals for the development of Five Lagunas Mall are in a state of flux and many years from approval and implementation.

Option 4 preserves the legacy businesses on Bridger Road including Green Thumb Nursery, Chevron, McDonald’s, Honey Baked Ham, Arby’s, and several others, including many small and family-owned businesses. These businesses generate tax dollars for state and local government while serving our local community.

I am writing in particular to support Green Thumb Nursery, Lake Forest, an urban oasis on Bridger Road filled with indoor and outdoor plants together with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Green Thumb Nursery is a family-owned business which has been located in Lake Forest since 1965. Green Thumb Nursery has made the environment a priority by offering water-wise plants, organically grown vegetables, and herbs to help their customers and the environment. They are an irreplaceable local treasure. Green Thumb Nursery serves many tens of thousands of Lake Forest and surrounding city residents and provides quality, expert gardening advice like no other garden center around Southern California.  Many of their staff are California Certified Nursery Professionals and have decades of experience in gardening and provide the community proper education on many important topics such as conserving water, drought tolerant gardening, pollinator-friendly gardens and how to avoid dangerous chemical runoff into our water systems by providing insight on careful chemical use and/or suggesting environmentally-friendly products instead.  The City Council of Lake Forest unanimously supports Option 4.

Please support Option 4 for the I-5/El Toro Interchange Proposal.

Respectfully submitted,



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(We Included Very Important Political Influencers’ Contact Info Below)

The I-5/El Toro interchange proposal from Caltrans and OCTA puts our Lake Forest Green Thumb Nursery location at risk!

There are two options Caltrans is considering for the I-5/El Toro interchange project proposal.

  1. The Flyover – Option 2 (BAD).  This project will require the State to confiscate property on both sides of Bridger Rd. forcing all businesses to close including Green Thumb Nursery, Chevron, McDonald’s, Honeybaked, Arby’s and several other small shops.  It creates a “Freeway Flyover” that takes southbound traffic off of I-5 before El Toro Rd. and drops it on to Bridger Rd. for a transition to El Toro Rd.

  2. The Double Loop – Option 4 (SUPPORT).  This option preserves Bridger Rd. and will have no to minimal impact on the businesses located there.  It creates a “Double Loop” on and off-ramp opposite the Laguna Hills Mall, a primarily unused space.

The City of Lake Forest (who supports us unanimously) is encouraging us to push for OPTION 4 on the proposal as it allows the businesses on Bridger road to stay intact as is and alleviates the El Toro interchange traffic issues as well.

Although we have the city’s support. we need our supporters to voice their support to truly make a difference! Please, if you support us, contact Caltrans and the following politicians that have a say in the matter and voice your support of our nursery, our importance to the community and to the city of Lake Forest and make sure to note that you support OPTION 4 for the proposal.

Why you should Support Option 4: 

  • To Preserve the Legacy business’ on Bridger Rd.-Green Thumb Nursery, Chevron, McDonald’s, Honeybaked, Arby’s and several others

  • Convenient access by the freeway for local communities to utilize the services provided on Bridger by the businesses.

  • Green Thumb’s extensive selection of plants, small botanical garden, knowledgeable garden experts, friendly service, etc

  • Bridger Rd. high traffic for business which generates a lot of tax dollars, an on & off-ramp will not generate tax dollars, quite the opposite, actually.

  • El Toro Southbound offramp works well as a collector for exiting cars.

  • Traffic flows well on El Toro Rd.  Lights timed well for travel mitigating long waits at signals.

Why you should Oppose Option 2: 

  • Creates a cement on an off-ramp where viable business’ are, closing important local businesses to our community

  • Creates dead space outside of on/off ramp that is not used by improvement and decreases tax revenue for the city.

  • Laguna Hill Mall is primarily an empty space, which would be much easier to utilize for an on/off ramp.

  • Do we need more hi-rise apartments along the freeway, which will cause more traffic?

  • Flyover may prevent future improvements to the project area as traffic changes over time.

  • In 10 years automobile traffic is expected to be autonomous which might make flyover completely obsolete.

Thank you all for your help with this, it is urgent as the deadline is May 20th to get your comments in and to voice your support of Green Thumb Nursery and OPTION 4 on the proposal.  From all of us here at Green Thumb Nursery, thank you, thank you, thank you.  We can’t do this without you.

And, to all of those who have supported us, either at the City Council meeting, by mailing or emailing letters expressing your support of Green Thumb and Option 4 to Caltrans, OCTA, or our political representatives…


The Green Thumb Nursery Lake Forest Team 💚