Predatory Mites – Special Blend of Mites – Spider Mite Control

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Predatory Mites – Special Blend of Mites – Spider Mite Control



Due to high demand for spider mite predators, we have listened to our customer feedback and researched the best spider mite control options to develop the ultimate pest eliminator. Our “special blend” consists of three predatory mite species ( M. longipes, N. californicus, and P. persimilis) and is the perfect solution for all growing conditions. This blend takes the guess work out of which mite should be used in your garden, green house, or grow room. These mites can tolerate temperatures up to 95 degrees but do best between 60-85 degrees.

RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS: Once you have your predatory mites at home you should release them immediately. Predatory mites cannot be stored. This blend of mites is tailored for use in unknown growing conditions and are therefore highly adaptable.These mites can tolerate temperatures up to 95 degrees, but do best in lower temperatures. To release, shake out contents on infested plants after diagnosing spider mite hot spots of infestation. Release insects and a insect:pest ratio of 1:5. Repeat this kind of release bi-weekly 2-3 times or until the predatory mites have dominated the infested area.

RELEASE RATES: *Note: These rates are for preventative control only, multiple releases and/or higher quantities are necessary for heavier infestations.


500 2,000 sq. ft.
1,000 4,000 sq. ft.


Weight .3 lbs
Quantity of Special Pred. Mites Blend

500 Blended Mites – $28.99, 1,000 Blended Mites – $36.99

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