Green Thumb Hummingbird Video Went Viral!

hummingbird feeder mounting brackets

I’m sure by now many of you have seen our “long communal hummingbird feeder” video that has been going viral for over a year and a half!  I wanted to create a quick blog so that those who haven’t seen it can view it on our Facebook page: HERE

It all started out when Cindy, our office manager, sent her friend, Michele Perreault, one of our long hummingbird feeders for her neighbor Melanie to enjoy.  They had been feeding hummingbirds for a very long time and Cindy knew they would love it!  When Michele and Melanie received the feeder, they set it up and dozens and dozens of hummingbirds flocked to the feeder and feasted side-by-side! (A very rare occurrence for hummingbirds because they can be pretty territorial and chase each other off)  Michele had to take a video of the awesome phenomenon, so she grabbed her iPhone and took a three and a half minute clip using the “slow motion” feature.  Then she sent the video to Cindy and thanked her for the wonderful feeder.

After Cindy showed me the video I knew right then and there that we had to promote it on our Facebook page!  We published it on our page and thanked Michele for taking the video of our store feeder with the caption: “Makes us proud to see this beautiful clip of dozens of hummingbirds enjoying one of our customer’s feeders that they got at Green Thumb Nursery! Thanks, Michele Perreault for sharing this great video of your hummies, we hope to see you and Melanie very soon!”  After publishing, I started to contact large Facebook pages far and wide to see if anyone would be willing to share such a cool video, and it worked!  We had multiple large Facebook pages and groups share the video with hundreds of thousands of people, which gave it the momentum it needed to go viral!

Now, one year and six months later, the hummingbird video has collected over 18 million people reached, 8.6 million views, and 236,000 shares across Facebook.  It was also stolen and shared without our permission by a massive Facebook page and collected another 20 million people reached, 6 million views and 40,000 shares.

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