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Aphid Proof Your Plants With These Prevention Methods

  Written by Melissa F. What Are Aphids? Aphids, otherwise commonly referred to as plant lice, are an invasive nuisance that can attack and destroy many of your plants. So why are these minute creatures so devastating? They reproduce at an alarming rate. By the time you notice aphids on your plants, you may already […]

Swapping Seed Time for Screen Time: How to Get Your Kids Outside Gardening

  Written by Sarah R. Screens! Screens! Everywhere! Screens! They are everywhere. We are all on them. I’m writing this article on a screen, you are reading it on a screen and the chances are your kids are somewhere doing something on a screen. Do you ever feel like you and your family are on […]

Mudslide Prevention – Which Strong Shrubs Prevent Erosion

mudslide prevention

Written by Julie G. Living in Southern California has its perks — perfect year-round weather, sunshine, proximity to the beach and the mountains, and of course amazing opportunities and choices for resident and commercial gardens alike. As with any popular area, there are lots of people looking to spend their days here, inside and outside […]